We’re Hiring: Front of House and Community Co-Ordinator



  • What’s This All About?

The Rain Gods Ltd operates a co-working space and incubator for small companies and charities looking to bring innovation to government and the public-sector, called the Rain Cloud.

Approximately 85 people, known as members, and sixteen organisations are based in the space, some of whom are listed here, although this list is a bit out of date and really needs a refresh, which is one of the things we need some help to fix…. hence…

We need to hire someone to support that community with front of house, workspace oversight and community-building and things like that.

There will also be some direct support to the Rain Gods, some of whom really don’t know what day of the week it is half the time.

So What Will This Person Do?

It’s a full time role, typically 8.30-4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

A core part of the job will be to manage the reception desk, welcome visitors and chatting with members in a friendly and informed way. It’s also vital that the workspace is kept in decent shape, including the kitchen and meeting rooms, so that it’s nice to work in.

There’s some admin to make that happen such as making sure room bookings are under control, managing the email enquiries and post, being polite to people (even the idiots) and ordering things the office needs (that’s buying stuff without having to pay the bill yourself – it’s the funnest form of shopping).

Basically, it’s about making sure things work, feel good and potential problem demons are wrangled before they get out of control, which is something demons are inclined to do (and Rain Gods don’t like out of control entities from other dimensions). If things do go wrong, the issues will need to be brought to the attention of the IT people, the maintenance people, an exorcist or just sorted out in a no-nonsense kind of way.

For all of these tasks, there will be some records that need to be kept and general admin. There will be some work supporting organisations based in the space, too, including the lovely folk at NACUE.

What Sort of Person Would Be Suitable?

To make all of this stuff work, the person that takes on this role with need to be well organised with the ability to work as directed. All the expected stuff, like being able to use applications including PowerPoint and Word should also be supplemented by decent Twitter and common email and web tools. It’s also vital that they have good written English and can write in a way that is suitable for different tasks and audiences.

This is more about the person than their formal qualifications, though.

The chat in the office is often about politics and current affairs, so the person who takes this on should probably find those things interesting or it might not be a great work place for them. There’s some scope to take on social media and web work, so if that’s a strength of anyone applying, it would be good – or an interest in going in that direction. So would experience of working in a start-up incubator or serviced-office environment as would a past in a customer service or hospitality role. Anything that looks like PA experience would help shape some longer term developments.

And What Will They Get?

Pay will be based on experience up to £23,000 pa plus work place pension, sick pay, use of a nice Apple laptop and so on, plus as much tea, coffee and biscuits as anyone can reasonably consume on site (limited selection, mind you).

We offer decent holiday with 20 paid days of leave plus bank holidays and a lot of extra days on top as we close at Christmas and don’t reopen until the New Year. Very friendly.

You also get to work with us and we are great.

“The Rain Gods are some of the nicest people I have ever worked with. Mind you, this was my first ever job.”

Former Rain Gods Employee

Interesting… So, If I Like the Sound of This… What Next?

Send us a full CV and covering letter outlining why this role interests you to this email address. You can also use that for questions, if you have any.

Deadline for applications is 6pm on Wednesday 5, June 2019. Do not miss this. We will not be happy about offering extensions.

The Rain Gods Ltd are signatories to the TechTalent Charter and actively encourage applications from women and black and minority ethnic groups.

You Must Do THIS…

Download the full job description here. Now read it.

It’s got more detail in it that you will need if you want the job and is full of the serious stuff that this page might have missed out on.

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